Thanks to the implementation of the TRC 2.0 Digital Platform we have been given new life and a new way we can reach out to as many people as possible as we continue our work.

First eBook offering from our Digital Platform is No More Broken

After years of struggling to recover from a number of “Hard Knocks” in my life I started writing a book to tell the story of my life.  I’ve had so many ups and down’s in my life with mixed results.  Throughout I have always found a way to get back up and stand  tall.  For me to find the peace of mind to write a book I began to practice meditation again and each day I started my day with Stretching, exercising, meditation and self-affirmation.  I also journal to help collect my thoughts and learn from the process i am coming through and as a result after a year I had a collection of daily affirmations that helped me  through a really tough time.  While I continue to work to complete my memoir I have compiled a set of Daily Meditations and I sharing it as a part of the roll out of the story of my life, “No More Broken”.   With the purchases of this book your name will be added to the pre-release list and make a discount toward the purchase available to you as well.  I hope this collection of affirmations can help others as it has helped me.  I am looking forward to a great 2017 and I wish the same for all of you as well.
Thank you,

No More Broken


TRC 2.0 Digital Platform

Is up and Running as we work to expand our offerings



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